Look Before You Leap! More Steps to Take BEFORE You Open An Etsy Shop

Now that you have already read Look Before You Leap! What You Should Do BEFORE You Open An Etsy Shop, it is now time to “build” your shop. It doesn’t matter how awesome your Etsy listings are, if you shop is … Continue reading

Judi B Designs on Etsy

If your family is anything like mine, we all fight over our favorite pillows. Judi Boehner has some fabulous accent pillows on her Etsy shop, Judi B Designs. Some are super cute for kids, like her Halloween and Tooth Fairy Pillows, while others have fun European themes…like Paris!

A little bit About Judi…

“Tucked away behind the stress and worry of everyday life are little moments of joy to be captured and savored. Sometimes we really have to search for those moments but somehow you can always find them. Those are the elements I try to add to my art. A sense of humor, a wonder at the earth’s beauty and an appreciation for the ordinary.

I’ve always felt the need for self-expression. I want to make people smile and feel happy, and forget about the craziness in this world for just a little while. I love beautiful designs and enjoy creating art that hopefully connects with the heart.

I hope my art touches you in some way and brings a little moment of joy into your life.”

It is hard to believe that Summer is over and Autumn is upon us, now Halloween is right around the corner! If you love Halloween, this accent pillow Boo Bat is perfect for you, you might need it to hide behind while watching some scary movies next month.

Not into scary movies and creepy critters? You can visit Judi B Designs on Etsy and see the rest of her items as well.