Look Before You Leap! More Steps to Take BEFORE You Open An Etsy Shop

Now that you have already read Look Before You Leap! What You Should Do BEFORE You Open An Etsy Shop, it is now time to “build” your shop.

It doesn’t matter how awesome your Etsy listings are, if you shop is not finished, many people will click on to the next shop. Before you publish your Etsy Shop and make it live, there are a few more things you should do.

  1. Create a Store Banner (Header). The best dimensions for your store banner, and recommended size by Etsy are 760px × 100px. When creating your banner, start with that size, then keep it simple and crisp. You don’t need to use every artistic effect to make it stand out, the items you are selling is where you should shine. For banners, less is more, pick a few colors and stick with it. Make sure your shop name is easy to read and not blurry. If you use images of what you sell, they need to be your BEST photographs, even if it is not your best item. If you shop banner is a mess, many buyers wont stick around.
  2. When it comes to your avatar, it doesn’t really matter if you choose an item from your store, or your own smiling face, just make sure you have a profile image. Some sellers like to personalize their business and use a photo of themselves as a profile. Some sellers like to show off their newest listing. Both choices are good and it really depends on how you feel. If you are uncomfortable using an image of yourself, don’t feel bad, many of us are shy!  Make sure that this image is not blurry or distorted, as with your shop banner you need to choose your best photographs for this. Profile image are small and not easy to see, try not to fit too much information in this image, that is what your shop banner and shop announcement is for.
  3. Your Shop Banner and Profile image are the very first things you should add to your shop, they are the first thing visitors see before they even see your work, without them your shop doesn’t look finished and many will move on.
  4. Fill out all Shop Policies, About, Materials Used, Shop Announcements, Contact Information, Payment and Shipping Information, Business Email, and Connect  to your Social Media Sites.

And there you have it! You have used all of the important information from my previous post, listed above, and you have filled in the gaps. You have built the framework for starting your Etsy Shop and creating a successful business. Congratulations, you are ready to continue working towards your Grand Opening!


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