FREE “First Impression Critique” for your Etsy Store

One of my features for The Crafter Showcase will be “First Impression Critique.” Many times it is what the potential buyer sees in the first few seconds on your Etsy store that will determine if they will stay to look around.

As I grow, I will be offering my First Impression Critique for free!

Well, let’s say that that it is more of a trade off. There are just a few things that you can do for me first, and then I will take a look at your store. If you use any of these Social Media sites, let’s connect! This is a wonderful way for me to find new shops that I might never find.

Send me an email at with your Etsy Shop link and I will check it out and give you my first impression. I am excited to help you out and check out some new Etsy Shops!